3D: experience instead of seeing ...

Burma 3D Movie Premiere, Cinema Canva, Switzerland


Around 120 invited guests were at the 3D-Burma "experience" not to be missed. For the first time the Myanmar film was shown in 3D. About 70% of viewers had never seen a 3D movie in the cinema. The impression from the movie and the "visual experience" were in fact overwhelming:

Thank you for this wonderful experience on Tuesday evening. I saw the film again then looked as 2D, so the pictures are fantastic and touching. A beautiful documentary film about Burma, which indeed appear very often in the press again, at the moment.

You gave me and my family yesterday, the great Burma still brought much closer than I knew. Your way of seeing people and talking to them is so unique that I could press you for hours. Thank you for your wonderful work, I will be more tempted many times by this spell.

This was a wonderful 3D Premiere - a "hard blow" for the 2-D photography and a great moment: for hopefully yesterday's announcements from Burma and reality.