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WINNER! Best Feature at 3DKIFF in Korea


Korea 3DKIFFreception

Further awards went to the IMAX production Sea Rex, France (Budget 5 Mio) for "Best Use of 3D-Technology" and "Symphony in 3D", also France.

The two Grand Prix awards for "Short and Feature" went to Korea.

Best Feature: Hanspeter Aliesch-und-'Grand-Prix',-Byung-il-Kimfinale

The Awards

   - The 3D KIFF Feature Film Grand Prize : 20,000 USD
   - The 3D KIFF Short Film Grand Prize : 10,000 USD
   - The 3D KIFF Best Feature Film : 7,000 USD
   - The 3D KIFF Best Short Film : 3,000 USD
   - 3D KIFF Best Use of Technology : 5,000 USD

Competition (Selection Feature, Langfilme)

2. ENCOUNTERS in a Forgotten Country (Switzerland)
3. Man Hwa Bang 3D (Korea)
5. Symphony in S3D : Gauthier Capuçon plays Dvoràk (France)
6. Mushers ! The Great Odyssey (France)
7. Huberbuam (ZDF Deutschland)
8. Persimmon (Korea)

Encounters in a forgotten country was produced by MUVI AG in early 2011. Mr. Aliesch commented: “Shooting in Burma is difficult for political reasons, and shots from the hot air balloon are only possible with small equipment. As a result, we used the TwinLens camera AG-3DA1 from Panasonic for the entire film for the first time ever. As a result, we only needed a 3-person crew and were able to work freely. Post production was done with Tim Dashwood’s 3D-Tool using FinalCut and Color. Dolby Surround 5.1.”

Torsten Hoffmann, who distributes the film (
Global Media Consult) added “We are very proud to have the opportunity to market this high quality documentary. The timing for this film is perfect because Myanmar will be in the news in 2012 with many political developments in the country coming up. This festival clearly confimred that Korea and France continue to be at the forefront of the 3D industry and we are particularly happy to see a smaller independant production beat the competition that is working on much larger budgets. At the moment we are seeing a stronger demand for 3D titles from many territories. Please get in touch with us for licensing this title.”