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3D Blu-ray


to master 3D-Blu-ray technology – with full HD quality for each eye. This film, in German and English versions, is also available however in a normal 2D version compatible with all Blu-ray players including conventional ones.die 3D-Blu-ray. The film is set to German and English and selectable in 5.1 DTS Surround. 3D INFO

Essential Encoding for Blu-ray 3D - bei MUVI AG
MVC Encoder delivers gorgeous 3D encodes for Blu-ray 3D.  Designed specifically to deliver the Multi View Coding (MVC) format for Blu-ray 3D applications, the DoStudio MVC Encoder delivers high quality full 1080p streams to each eye with NetBlender’s ease-of-use and practical approach to pricing and workflow considerations.


High quality.  High efficiency.
Blu-ray Discs are only as good as the high definition images they display.  With Blu-ray 3D, pristine image quality and proper encoding of the stereoscopic views makes the difference between an enjoyable 3D experience and a headache for your viewers. The DoStudio MVC Encoder delivers outstanding image quality and guaranteed Blu-ray compliant 3D streams.
Compatible with numerous input file formats, including Quick Time, AVI and YUV, the MVC Encoder is flexible to meet the needs of an emerging 3D workflow.

Affordable 3D solution
Blu-ray 3D isn’t just for Hollywood or Hollywood budgets.  Independent production facilities have produced niche 3D content for years and Blu-ray 3D is a great new mass-market distribution opportunity.  3D kiosks and museum installations are arriving in high numbers.  Or maybe you need an efficient solution for 3D dailies or internal review copies.  The MVC encoder delivers 3D at an affordable price.