3D: experience instead of seeing ...

13.th International Ballonmeeting Myanmar


As initiator of this event and a well-versed balloonist, Peter Blaser is very enthusiastic about the country and people of Burma, where he finds optimal conditions for adventurous ballooning in the most outlying areas. He has been ballooning almost everywhere in the world. And even at home in Switzerland’s Emmental valley, he prefers ballooning to walking the dog. So you can often see Peter Blaser floating over sleepy farmsteads in his balloon well after dusk, before landing gently in his basket on a country road.

Hanspeter Aliesch was able to accompany this international balloonist group in Myanmar several times, and is overwhelmed by the gentle tenderness of the Burmese people. In 2010, when it was possible for the first time to shoot in 3D with modest equipment (Panasonic AG-3DA1) and only a few technicians, the time was ripe for him to make the first 3D documentary about Burma.

Thanks to the great trust engendered by Peter Blaser and his balloonist group, we were able to work in complete freedom, select our own locations, and speak with anyone we chose. There were no government controls or informers – but we respected all the people we interviewed, and steered well clear of political questions that might put them in a difficult situation after publication.