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The film: Myanmar people tell their storys…


Burma, now called Myanmar, is a little-known country to us. Except for negative headlines. Should one really tour such a country? A country where an international trade embargo is trying to force a transition to democracy?

international balloonist group first visited Myanmar In 1998. Undeterred by critical press reports about the military regime, they wanted to get a bird’s-eye view of the country – to see for themselves what was actually going on. They have been doing this for thirteen years now, and each year they meet old friends and new. But what impressions do these fiery hot-air balloons from afar make on the people here? Do they awaken their unfulfilled dreams, their yearnings for freedom? And how do the people of Burma live their day-to-day lives?

In this film we accompany the thirteenth Myanmar Balloon Meeting in 2011, and meet all kinds of people wherever the wind happens to take us.

This film tries to find the answers to such questions among perfectly normal people living their everyday life – and the answers are often surprising.